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Notes from a couple of weeks traveling April 15, 2006

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Last fall I was invited to conduct a workshop on April 5 in San Diego at the annual conference of the International Academy of Business Disciplines (www.IABD.org).

The IABD is an organization comprised of academic and professional individuals and colleges who work co-operatively to track and consider world events and potential affects on business.

Given the nature of the conference and the other subjects under review (global activities such as the China / US relationship in great part) I was surprised to be on the agenda. My subject was how to use life planning for greater success in one’s business and personal life. The workshop was conducted in a manner that allowed the profs and other teachers to do some of the same tests my clients take using The Four Windows Process, and then compare this process to more traditional forms of life planning.

Some thoughts from the workshop:

1. The engagement of some of the professors was great. It was clear that some of them shared my belief that we need to build the concepts of a ‘balanced life’ into the curriculum of business programs to ensure the next generation of business leaders don’t end up being just more empty suits with cratered marriages. This group of academics recognized that only knowing how to calculate ratios, slow burn rates of cash, and work an organization structure doesn’t provide a satisfying life.

Two universities’ profs indicated they want to follow-up on this subject with an eye to adding life planning into their programs. Very encouraging. The logic of The Four Windows Process is similar to what execs and professionals often use for planning their business and growth, so it is easily and intuitively used by those types anyway.

2. San Diego was under the wildest rain and weather conditions experienced in a long time. Palm trees nearly bent in half. Winds that tore roofs off some buildings.
Rain coming down sideways. Not being able to use the gorgeous pool.

3. My son, Sean, making like the ultimate ‘tech support’ guy. It was great having him with me for support and being together. He made me and the presentation look good. Got to figure out how to use his awesome brain more in other parts of the Business Success Coach.net practice. He’d be great with clients in their late 20’s and early 30’s who seem to be very into using a business or executive coach.

After the workshop, I headed to Los Angeles for a couple of client meetings and to catch up with an old colleague.

Los Angeles – It’s all about life balance, and planning to get what you want.

Getting caught up over a coffee with the former chairman and ceo of one of the world’s biggest and most impressive business success stories.

Interesting to see how a guy who was so busy for years has successfully moved into a whole new way of life. Building a fabulous ranch, (where I happen to have a couple of horses in training currently) he can now take the time to do anything he pleases. I was pleased to see him happy and enjoying his change of pace.

Life balance is all about managing one’s life appropriately between professional – personal – and financial sides. Successful and satisfied people have life plans almost invariably. While many chairman and ceo’s see their businesses succeed while watching the rest of their lives crater; this guy was able to have it all. I know he’s used a life plan because I’ve asked him.

The stats say less than 15% of all professionals and execs have a plan. They also say that most people are unhappy and unsatisfied with their life.

Coincidence? I doubt it.

On Friday night, my daughter calls to say she’s in the ER with really strong pain in her right side. Grab a car and drive all night to be with her and the docs while she goes through the CT Scans and other tests.

San Francisco – “mind over body issues”

1. We learn what’s occurred and find out another issue. Arrange for surgery on Tuesday. It goes well and everything looks right for a great recovery. Like all dads I hate seeing any of my ‘kids’ even – when they are now young adults themselves – going through medical or emotional difficulties alone. I thank the universe that I’m in the position where I can schedule my time to be where I want when I want.

Even though the reason for the trip wasn’t welcome, I find myself thinking – “What a bonus to be to see my daughter on a moment’s notice. She’s doing well and should see no further ailments

2. Later, a client tells me about her amazing experience with “mind over body” and how successful she’s been overcoming a lot of heartache in her life. I love it when people come to believe in the concepts of the Laws of Attraction because of real life experience.

As a business executive for about 25 years, I understand that the whole idea of being able to cause results using one’s own power seems totally like a fairy tale; and had it not worked for me so successfully, I might not have ever started to practice and believe in it myself.

Now as an executive coach, I use this powerful concept with nearly every client. Regardless of what issues we are working on – career derailment, business development or turnarounds, marketing; this is a tool for anyone to learn to use for greater success. The Laws are allowing a lot of people to achieve unprecedented results –it’s become an indispensable in my work.

If you haven’t yet explored the concepts and how to take advantage of it – get onto them. This stuff works.



1. Margaret Richards - April 27, 2006

Sounds like you are doing well John – I am so pleased for you. Wish I could be a fly on the wall at one of yhour lectures!!!
It was so good to see you and Saen in Winnipeg last summer – it had been awhile!!
Keep me posted – I love hearing from you. Give my love to Sue MAR

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