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Professional reviews. Readers’ comments. September 25, 2006

Posted by John M McKee in Business.


Warning! The following is for mature readers only! Don’t proceed if you are easily offended!

When you publish a book, you are warned to expect critical comments from any and all who read it or review professionally. “Don’t be hurt by those people, they ‘don’t get it’, I have been told. So far, I’ve been lucky!

Not one bad or cranky review or email about “21 Ways Women in Management Shoot Themselves in the Foot” so far. I am really pleased. Virtually all those who get this book have been genuinely positive about it.

I laughed and enjoyed this review from MetroActive, an ezine for those working in Silicon Valley:

“Amid the piles of press releases we receive hawking stuff you wouldn’t wish on a prison-bound pedophile was one pimping a book about how to play winning corporate politics. In good ol’ let’s-give-the-nerds-a-pingpong-table Silicon Valley, do we really need a book on how to gossip, brown nose and back-stab?

But Fly hereby affirms that anyone aspiring to Corporate Kahuna should read John McKee‘s 21 Ways That Women in Management Shoot Themselves in The Foot.

Why? If you’re female, such are the unfair but prevalent behavioral clichés for your gender. The bonus for channeling those traits is a 6-inch-thick glass ceiling teetering on the pedestals of next quarter’s financials. Corporate animals hosting nut sacks can also benefit reading McKee’s book.”

“Corporate animals hosting nut sacks?” What a line!

My daily sales won’t allow me to purchase that place in Tuscany. It may allow for a few pizzas, though, and sales seem to be ramping up more each week. There are a little more than 1 million book titles listed on Amazon.com, and I got as high as about 5,500 recently. Good enough for a business book, and it means I am providing a value to a lot of women in countries as far away as India, Hungary, England, and Malaysia who otherwise I might never touch.

That’s a great reward in itself!

Till next time.

– john



1. Maximus - December 20, 2007

I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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