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January Observations January 16, 2007

Posted by John M McKee in Action Plans, Business, Coaching.


Recent items I’ve come across and want to share:

  1. There are now more single women than married. This according to a new study by The New York Times of most recent census data- 51% of all women are living without a spouse for the first time in history. There is no going back to the world of when we can assume that marriage is the main institution that organizes people’s lives – for better or worse. On average, Americans now spend half their adult lives outside of marriage and women are now less dependent than ever on men. Do your plans – business, career or personal take this into account?
  2. American Families continue to take on a greater share of fiscal risk. I am an American by choice – I was born in Canada and emmigrated here in the 9o’s with my family. At the time, my US pals thought Canada’s ‘socialistic’ medical system would bankrupt the country; they pointed with pride at the great plans and pensions offered by US firms which provided not just good but very good benefits for employees in the States. Now, according to Jacob Hacker, a Yale prof and author of “The Great Risk Shift”, most of the risks for those benefits have been shifted onto American families with less than 1/3 having a traditional pension and about 30% of elderly citizens going without health care part of every 2 years. This will change and within the next 3 years in my opinion. But in the meantime, it’s totally unacceptable for the country that bills itself as the greatest in the world.
  3. A Blink only takes 100 milli-secondsIt seems like Malcolm Gladwell was right but not fast enough in his book “Blink.” New research from the journal Psychological Science indicates that it only takes this long for the average person to decide whether another individual is attractive, trustworthy, competent and likable. And you thought you were objective?
  4. Happiness breeds Happiness. Want to have a better outlook on life and enjoy better results too? When you hit your bed, make a point of reflecting on 3 good things that happened to you that day. According to new research from the University of Pennsylvannia, this works in most subjects tested. Try it for yourself and enjoy a happier life overall.

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