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A Mid-Summer Night’s Noodling July 21, 2007

Posted by John M McKee in Coaching, Satisfaction, The 3 Key Life Aspects.
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It’s been a very hot summer here in the hinterlands of Colorado. Our horse property, which we bought in late 2000, is above 7000 feet – one would expect it to be much cooler than it is. Additionally, we are precipitation poor this season after a great start to ending the drought which most of the western states are enduring. For those reasons, and another I’ll soon share here, I am spending less time outdoors this year than has been the case previously. Consequently, I am spending more time noodling about things than I would normally during this, the dog days, of summer. Here’s what I am noodling on tonight:

1. My wife Susie and I bought another home in California a while ago. Last fall we decided that we miss being near our kids Trevor, Jessica, Sean and his wife Carrie. And we want to be close to our new grandson Camden. So a place somewhere in the Golden State would rectify that.

We spent months researching where we wanted to live, whether we wanted another horse property or something different, and if we wanted to build or buy. Then, while Sue was working in SoCal with some friends at ArtTrek, we found a great house built by a very cool architect in 1963. The farsighted artist was Joseph Eichler. It’s a home straight from the days of the Rat Pack, Palm Springs, and martinis.

We thought it was very much what we were ready for, bought it and then set to work taking it apart inside and out to remake it into what it must have been back in the days before the Beatles made it big. Very cool place in the middle of Thousand Oaks which is between LA and Santa Barbara. We’re determined that was the right location to spend our time at this stage of our lives.

We’d also put our property up for sale in Colorado and it’s now under contract with an expected close about mid August.

This means no more mountain views and quite probably snow boarding for me. For Susie, no more living with up to 7 horses and 3 dogs at a time. But we’re up for the change of lifestyle and both excited about what’s ahead. I’ll keep you posted.

2. Mad Men – is a term coined by advertising types who worked in the 1960 era on Madison Ave in Manhattan. It’s also the name of a new TV series on the AMC Channel.

If you haven’t heard of it, that’s no surprise. But I suggest you check it out. It’s very well done and also informative in an engaging way. Good writing, style, and story.

In a nutshell it follows the lives of men and women in a large ad agency back when every office had a bar full of booze and 10 ashtrays. A great time apparently if you were a white male executive. For the most part, it was a terribly sexist environment with the secretaries considered almost as being owned by their male bosses and yet not seeming to mind it much at all.

I’m suggesting that you to check it out because it really seems well researched for a TV drama and as far as I recall it’s a pretty accurate depiction of the way North America did business in the past.

Although much younger, even when I was a young ‘junior executive’ in the early 70’s we often had liquor in our desks for a late meeting or to help with the creative thinking. We all smoked – I was up to the equivalent of 2 1/2 packs a day when I quit. And secretaries did think of themselves as kind of a mother/partner who often would do things of a personal nature for their bosses.

It’s very gratifying to see how far we’ve come in the area of genders in the business place and I’m sure those of you less than 40 will be facinated at what life was like for your parental units.

3. The new hardcopy version of my book Career Wisdom is about to be published and will be available on Amazon and in bookstores in September.

I am amazed at how long the process of creating a book is from start to finish. Those people who’ve read it tell me it’s a very good book, which is gratifying. I really being able to help others through my coaching practice, BusinessSuccessCoach.net and this process of writing and publishing allows me to help many more people than I could otherwise interact with in a year.

4. Remember to take some vacation. All the research says it makes you more productive. And it’s much better for your personal life.

Till next time




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