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More “G’s” than the space shuttle at lift off November 9, 2007

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I went to the drag races last week. The NHRA drags to be exact.

Have never done that before.

Went to the Finals at the NHRA (national hot rod association) in Pamona (which is in southern California) with my son Trevor, friend and former colleague Eddy Hartenstein, and a client of mine who just happened to be in town for business, Kim Willis of New York City. For all but Eddy it was our first trip to the drag races and it turned out to be a well spent day off.

These races feature the best of the best of motorcycle racers, nitro powered cars, dragsters, and funny cars. They reach speeds of plus 300 mph in a 1/4 mile in less than 5 seconds. To do that means that they accelerate with a G-force of about 3.2 which is equal to many war fighter planes and greater than the space shuttle puts out.

Truly fast and furious!

There is no way for TV to convey the power, intensity, speed and noise level of this type of sport.

When 2 cars at about to take off from the starting lights (yellow, yellow, green – blast off!) the power they put out is equal to an earthquake measuring about 3 on the Richter scale. The ground is literally shaking like an earthquake at the gate. Their tires melt asphalt and between each race. The roadkeepers come out and put liquid down and use a vehicle like a Zamboni to smooth the road down again to keep it together. One gets the impression that somebody would need to have a crazy death wish to want to be near these powerhouse cars, let alone driving one.

So, of course, when we were invited to leave the VIP box sponsored by the NHRA and go down to stand between 2 dragsters at the starting line and then stay there as they took off – we couldn’t resist!

Kim noted that it was like being on a movie set as we entered the area. Having just signed paperwork saying that we could not sue anyone in the event of something really bad happening; I thought she might have been thinking about a set of a war movie.

It is impossible to convey the feeling in your chest, the incredible volume of the noise (even with earplugs and covering your ears); and the power of having 2 motors each putting out over 3000 HP take off from a place of about 2 feet away on each side.

It was over in less than 4 seconds and to watch vehicles pull away from you that fast is like a movie or video game to the 10th degree. Holy crap!

We left the staging area with eyes burning, clothes and skin covered in fuel and asphalt, and grins about 3 feet wide on each of our faces.

If you’ve never considered going to the NHRA shows, I suggest you give it a little reconsideration. It has a good solid midway, lots to see and do, and the races are breathtaking. Try it out – you’ll be glad you did.




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