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The economy, wellness, and restoration March 2, 2009

Posted by John M McKee in Business.
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Noticed that the economy has already had a chilling affect on many folks’ attitude while increasing their levels of anxiety?

Maybe it’s just my profession as a success coach; but it sure seems like a lot of people are settling in for what may be a longterm  funk. Understandable, of course.

However, during times of uncertainty, it’s very important to do things which will help you maintain some balance with an outlook which is as positive as possible.  Exercise, prayer, volunteer work, reading more – whatever it takes to replenish you – are even more critical to your mental and physical health during this period.   Such activity doesn’t have to cost much.  Often it’s free (been to a library recently?).

In January I started a new workout regime.

My wife, Sue, had been doing it aleady but she’s always been a bit of a jock and I haven’t.  So I wasn’t sure if it was something that would work as effectively on my 57 year-old bod.

The Good News is: it’s working.  Better News is: it will work, I believe, for anyone at any age; regardless of their current physical condition or past experience.

It’s called Bikram Yoga.  Using the same routine (26 poses and 2 breathing exercises) as traditional Hatha Yoga, it’s all about stretching, posing, and improving one’s quality of life via a focus on mental and physical health.  The key difference – and this is a really big difference – is that it’s done in a studio that is 105 degrees (F).  So you enter into the room and immediately, before you’ve even started the workout, your core temperature is going up.  I know that this may sound uncomfortable but once you get used to it – after maybe 2 or 3 visits – it’s not.  It’s kind of like entering a nice, warm spa from then. I actually look forward to going in now.

But this isn’t intended to be a pitch for just Bikram.  All forms of yoga, like Tai Chi I believe, are a smart way to improve your physical well being.  And that’s a good enough reason to try out.  Because it is all about focusing on each pose, it’s also a great way to banish those negative and axiety-increasing thoughts that can plague us during the day and night.  Consequently, doing this workout has a great impact on your replenishment and restoration.

The economy is bad, and according to the studies I see it’s going to continue to slide downhill for the next 2 quarters at least.

Each of us has a choice in difficult times: we can continue as usual or we can add to our repertoire and try to improve ourselves.    My advice:  don’t wait for anyone else to make you feel better.  Take “ownership” of your body and emotional well-being.

Here’s to your future!




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