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Executive hiring is back on the rise May 7, 2009

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How is it that the reports say things are still getting worse, but many companies are hiring executives again?  Do they know something the rest of us don’t – absolutely!  In this article, executive and business coach John M McKee provides some insight.


Most people get our information from the mass media who report on government releases which are usually “lagging indicators”.   For example, we hear in early May that the first quarter of the year’s Gross Domestic Product actually shrunk by 6% from last year.

This causes an interesting effect:

For the average citizen, (s)he hears that things are still going south from several different sources at the same time.  This typical individual then believes that things are still worsening because that’s being stated everywhere.  They act accordingly.

But, the stock market goes up on this apparently bad news.

That’s because the investor community is using different tools to inform their decisions.  Those folks are managing based, usually, on information which is much more current.  Hearing about something that occured 5 weeks ago isn’t that relevant, they’re more focused on what the future holds.

I believe that something similar happens with those making business decisions.  How the small business person gets his or her information is often very different than the the executive in larger entities.  They see data from the Federal Government’s unemployment figures report which is based on information that is a month old, they look at their cash flow, and bank account and make the best decision they can.  When asked how things are, they tell you about the current state of their business for the most part.

Compare that to those business leaders who see forward-looking indicator information like that published by Execunet.  In a recent report I received, they noted that 31% of the executives they polled have new positions available in their companies, hiring is occuring and 9 % of the HR execs they polled said that their companies are adding new executive level jobs.  When talking to recruiters and job interviewers, 18% said the are confident or very confident about the executive employment market over the next 3 months.  That’s up from the last report.

The US economy and job markets are not out of the soup yet.  But the forward looking indicators say that we’re past the bottom and moving upward again.

I’m telling clients that they should act accordingly.




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