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Vacations, Recharging, Improving July 15, 2009

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Many people are not taking a vacation this year.  They feel that the economy or their particular situation makes time off a bad idea.  In this blog, executive and business coach John M McKee talks about his recent vacation and why it’s more important then ever to use down-time to your advantage.


The surf wasn’t as good as hoped.  I was sitting on my surfboard with my daughter Jess about 10 yards away on hers and we were waiting for some ride-worthy waves to bear down on us.  Despite the lack of breakers at this moment, it struck me that life doesn’t get much better than this.

On vacation for a couple of weeks on Canada’s Vancouver Island, we were near a small village called Tofino.  It’s in a rainforest; known for its excellent beaches and waves.  My wife Susan, who is a great planner (and understands life’s needs better than most people), had rented us a great house near the beach for a month.  With relatives and friends staying with us over the period; it was just a great opportunity to decompress and recharge.

So I was surfing with my daughter this particular afternoon, with plans to go out for dinner as a group and then attend a concert arranged by Susan’s sister, Pam the head of the Tofino Art and Culture Festival on the Island.  The concert was a solo act by a bassoonist and turned out to be one of life’s great little surprises – we enjoyed him and the few hours we spent together.johncloseup-resized-for-veracity.jpg

Many individuals fail to recognize the genuine benefits that accrue when they take a serious vacation.  And, yes, I do realize that during this time, not everyone can afford to go out of the country for some time off.  If you’re in that situation, then take a stay-cation around the home.  The key point to remember is this – if you work hard, or are under stress from being out of work – you still need to give yourself some “time off”.  Otherwise you get stale, can become cranky, and risk depression.  Any of which are not going to do you – or anyone who’s near you – any benefit.

Recently, I was interviewed on the subject of how to take a vacation and get the most of it.  I provided some ideas and suggestions to help get away, enjoy the time off, and get back into the work mode quick when you return to the job. If you’re interested you can see it at this link:


During my time off, I also had the opportunity to go ocean kayaking with my brother-in-law, Tim Lewis, sister in-law Flo Skakum-Lewis, nephew Jeff and above mentioned daughter.  As daylight became nightfall, I was reminded that,  it’s hard to keep thinking about the job when you’re worried about dying….  But once we were back on land, we were invigorated and charged, not depleted.  That’s one of the great benefits of challenging yourself in new ways.  It sharpens the mind and the body.

If you are stalling about taking time off this year, I encourage you to move forward and do something.

Over the long haul, you’ll become a better and more successful individual because of vacations.  In the short-term it’s unlikely to hurt your career or job requirements.  More importantly, it will probably improve your performance.

Looking forward…




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