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First: what’s really motivating you? February 4, 2010

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Coaches and therapists often spend a lot of time with their clients  reviewing what happened in their pasts.  Executive and leadership coach John M McKee says there’s a better way to move forward.


As a business success coach, I’m all about return on investment.  If someone is making an investment, they should see a solid return on their money.  Period.

Additionally, I don’t think it’s necessary for someone to spend a lot of time revisiting all their past problems before they can move ahead.

As a result of these 2 fundamental beliefs, I use a coaching process that’s very different than other approaches used by most coaches  and therapists.  Called The Four Windows Method, it is focused on getting results in the fastest way possible.

Rather than the coach simply asking a lot of questions and allowing the client to discover his or her true feelings, the Method is very proactive.  I like this approach because I think people who come to a coach are looking for answers and want to move ahead as quickly as possible.

Additionally, because my coaching practice has the profession’s best guarantee of satisfaction, I need to be sure that everyone we work with is totally satisfied with their results.  And, additionally, I know that when I personally make an investment I want to feel like I got a great return on it. I treat my clients the same way.

The keystone of The Four Windows Method is that every individual, each of us, has 3 key life roles which determine how satisfied we are with our overall life:

1. We have one part of us that gets up each day and goes out to earn a living.  That’s our professional or career manager role.  Among the motivators for this role are things like recognition, satisfaction, making a fair wage, and career success.

2. We all have another side of us which more focused on less concrete elements –  this is the personal or family role.  This aspect of an individual is focused on doing things, or being with others who replenish us.  For many people, but not by any means, all people, this is the single most important part of our life.

3. The final role played by all individuals is the financial manager role.  That’s the part of us that’s focused on making and managing money.  In this role we are attempting to ensure we have the means to do support ourselves and our loved ones while enjoying the fruits of our labor with a home,  material things like cars, or other benefits like travel and eduction.

Until you’ve uncovered how you’re doing in each of these life roles, it will be difficult to understand your motivations.  And knowing your motivations is the key first step toward making fast and long lasting progress in your life.

Here’s to your future!




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