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3 Issues / 3 Positions February 17, 2010

Posted by John M McKee in "John M McKee", business intelligence, Business Success Coach, Career Wisdom, Coaching, emotional decisions, Rants, small business coach, The Four Windows Process.

Random thoughts about 3 recent news stories:

1.  Toyota – This company’s crisis just gets worse, doesn’t it?

In a recent blog that I write for CBS Interactive’s Tech Republic, I asked “what if you were the CEO”?  I then brought forward some suggestions that I thought could be used for damage control.

But moving forward is easier when a company’s senior team faces it honestly and fairly.  Based on what the Federal Gov’t is uncovering – that doesn’t seem to be the case.  This mess has cost them billions and it will be a long time (if ever) before they recover that value.

Related joke making the rounds in business meetings:  “I made great time getting here. Arrived much earlier than I thought I would.  I came by Toyota.

Lesson from Management 101 – treat people as you’d like to be treated yourself.  (Duh!)

2. California May End aid to legal immigrants – looking for ways to find new money for critical needs, the Golden State may take a step to eliminate the provision of emergency cash, food and medical aid to new legal immigrants.

Hardly the stuff of humanitarian dreams. But it’s the  right move.

It could save the bankrupt state $304 MM.  And California needs every penny it can find if it’s ever going to right itself.

Most countries, including my place of birth, Canada; welcome immigrants when they can show they have the financial wherewithal to support themselves for at least 18 months after they are allowed into the country.  I’ve always felt this is a fine way to allow new people into a country:  They get a great place to live, and there’s little risk that the existing citizens are going to have foot the new arrival’s bills. This reduces the potential for additional burden to their own financial situation, which is smart.

As one “American-citizen-by choice” to another, I say, “Go for it Governor Schwarzenegger.”

3. Could a cyber attack crippled the US?  Absolutely.

Recently a group of former White House department heads joined with others from the military, security think tanks leaders and business leaders to role play what could happen if a massive attack was made on America’s web users.

The scenario was breath taking.  Based on smaller but similar attacks which occur every day in government and business environments it is also very possible, according to all involved.

The answer was the the US would be crippled and quickly.  In the end no grand plan emerged.  But the group did agree to advise the President to federalize the National Guard to buttress the support that would be required when individuals, businesses and governmental organizations lost access to all the fundamentals needed for survival. Glad to see groups like this being created to look into scenarios like this and create at least some type of plan just in case.

Here’s to your Future!




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