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Noodling about success August 13, 2010

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Does who you know really help make you more successful?  Yes, says John.  But his thoughts on why may surprise you.


“Am I making progress?”

It’s a good question to ask yourself.  It helps keep you in touch with how you’re doing.  I suggest you ask it frequently.

How you answer it can make a big impact on how you feel afterward:

  • “No. I’m no better than I was last year.” – is probably going to bring you down.
  • “Yes!  I’m making great progress,” – will likely bring a little smile to your face. You’ll feel more confident.

When meeting with clients, I like to learn about the people they spend most of their time with.  I believe that we become “most like” the 3 people with whom we spend the most time.

Noodle on these –

If your career is a priority, are you spending time with individuals who can help you to become more successful, who have success and provide ideas you can use to improve your own life?  Or, are you spending time with people who hate their jobs, don’t like “work”?

If you’re looking to improve your personal life, do the people you spend most of your time with have successful personal lives themselves?  If so, they’re probably doing some things right that could improve your situation.  But if they’re miserable, it’s likely you’ll start seeing the world through their eyes.

Is money an issue? Who’s going to help you become a better money manager – a pal who “wishes” she had more herself, or another individual who has clearly figured it out?

I’m not saying we should dump our friends just because they can’t help us to become more successful.

But I am saying that you’ll become most like those with whom you spend the most time.  So – manage your time accordingly.

Here’s to your future,

@Twitter:  JohnMMcKee1



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