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Japanese leaders need to be forthcoming March 13, 2011

Posted by John M McKee in Coaching.
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The situation in Japan is extremely sad. It’s been very tough so far, and the lack of transparency surrounding the 2 (perhaps 3 now) damaged nuclear reactors is creating additional stress on all citizens in that country.

I’ve been communicating with my son Trevor via Skype, internet, landline and VOIP since the alert for the earliest earthquakes. Fortunately, he and his wife are based in Sapporo, which is on a different island to the north. As a result, although things are chaotic; no damage or significant trauma has occurred in that city as a result of the disasters to the south.

It’s been very interesting to learn that we in the US have more insight from our news stations than he’s often able to get from the local Japanese sites and stations. Clearly, the government is attempting to manage the situation by controlling the news releases. On several occasions, he heard important information first me, his colleagues here, or from the western sources.

The Japanese Prime Minister and his team need to realize that crisis management is most effective when it is open, collaborative, and those who are being impacted believe they have all the information available. Otherwise, the result is distrust at the least. At the worst, it can cause good citizens to lose faith in their government, which can cause many negative outcomes.

Hopefully, the government there will be more open in the coming weeks, treating its citizens with the dignity they each deserve during this terrible period.

Here’s to the future of Japan.




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