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Schwarzenegger and Strauss-Kahn behaving badly means something’s missing – and not just a zipper May 20, 2011

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The news lately is full of stories of powerful men acting out in ways that are at the very least highly inappropriate and in one case, possibly illegal.

I think people have the right to ask, “Why can’t men translate their career success into their personal and family lives?”

It’s a question that seems entirely fair and worth consideration nowadays.  It comes up frequently – in one way or another – in my work with women clients.  Although they may be a bit more graphic in their terminology when we talk about “boys behaving badly”.

Over the last couple of years I looked more deeply into this with the co-author of our recent book, The Plan, Helen Latimer.  We concluded that – to a great extent – it’s because there’s a huge difference between being successful and being satisfied.

We hear stories all the time about people with wildly successful careers and personal lives that are worthy of a soap opera. They’ve confused being successful with being satisfied. Success is easily visible to the outside world, while satisfaction is harder for others to see. But it’s clear that if an individual is not feeling satisfied with his life, he could do some crazy things in a misguided attempt to feel better personally. “

Many people have success but aren’t satisfied.  This seems pretty clear in the cases of the former Governor and head of the IMF

  • People may have a fantastic career but an unhappy personal life.
  • They may live in a beautiful house but have problems sleeping because of very high debt.

There’s a gap between what they have and what they want.

One, or more of their three key life elements – career life, personal life or on the financial side – is throwing them off.

When we wrote The Plan , one of our goals was show people how to identify the gaps in their lives and then create a roadmap to a life that’s satisfying and full of richness.

There’s a straight forward way to create a life that will be much more rewarding on all levels. We’ve seen this approach work for people in virtually any situation. If these guys had taken the planning for their personal lives with the same seriousness as they did with their career planning, I think it’s likely that their stories would be remarkably different and with a whole lot less drama.

Here’s to your future!




1. Suresh Pattali - May 24, 2011

Hi John, I am a journalist with Khaleej Times, Dubai, and write a weekly column, Writng on the Wall. Found your argument interesting on why people fall from grace. Can you discuss the following arguments so that I can quote you in my column.
1) Is falling from grace akin to a road accident? It just happens.
2) In some cases, it’s more of habitual. Clinton, Berlusconi, Strauss Kahn are all known flirts. Do you agree?
3) In some cases, like Tiger Woods and Arnie, why did they choose to reveal? Repentance?
4) Or is it all about power and money?
4) Why do women rush to defend their partners as soon as they are exposed?

Thanks very much
Suresh Pattali
Khaleej Times

John McKee - May 25, 2011

Looking forward.

Hello Suresh,

Thanks for the comment and interest. I have noted my answers below in the body of your text. If you need a direct email with me, let me know.

Also please send us the link to your item when it appears.

Looking forward


John McKee Founder and President Four Windows – No Walls Consulting, LLC

KUSI Interview: http://tinyurl.com/4oh8sq9

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