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About John M McKee

John is an executive coach and the founder of  The Business Success Coach Network.  With 32 professional coaches based in 14 countries, the Network serves the needs of large organizations,  business, and individuals seeking to move forward.

A  +30-year veteran of corporate boardrooms and executive suites in various industries across North America, John has authored 3 published books: The Plan (2011), Career Wisdom (2007) and 21 Ways Women in Management Shoot Themselves in the Foot (2005).  He is seen frequently on television, and in newspapers and magazines.

John McKee offers professionals practical tips, tools and strategies to help them deal more effectively with, and ultimately capitalize on, the numerous external and internal demands, challenges and “hidden opportunities” faced in the work place every day.

Involved in coaching since 1988, John is a graduate of the International Coach Academy
Business and Executive Coach Program and Certified by the International Coach Federation – the largest professional association of its kind.

Member: The Councils of Advisers – a global network providing insight to the world’s leading investors, and the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC), the premier association of its kind. John is one of a handful of international coaches worldwide who was invited to work on the development of multi-national coaching industry standards through the WABC.

Past and current clients include, among others, individuals from large national corporations such as NBC, ESPN, Universal Studios, Comcast,  Staubach Autogroup, Cablevision, and internationally, BTI Canada. Additionally, John coaches independent business operators, professionals as well as executives in transition.

His practice was established in 2001 after John left DIRECTV where he had been one of that company’s founding senior executives. It is exclusively focused on business and career success coaching. Unlike some business coaches, John has practiced everything that he preaches, having led companies ranging in size from start-up to billion dollar organizations. He has field-tested his own advice to assure he provides clients with proven real world advice rather than textbook theory.



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