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Schwarzenegger and Strauss-Kahn behaving badly means something’s missing – and not just a zipper May 20, 2011

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The news lately is full of stories of powerful men acting out in ways that are at the very least highly inappropriate and in one case, possibly illegal.

I think people have the right to ask, “Why can’t men translate their career success into their personal and family lives?”

It’s a question that seems entirely fair and worth consideration nowadays.  It comes up frequently – in one way or another – in my work with women clients.  Although they may be a bit more graphic in their terminology when we talk about “boys behaving badly”.

Over the last couple of years I looked more deeply into this with the co-author of our recent book, The Plan, Helen Latimer.  We concluded that – to a great extent – it’s because there’s a huge difference between being successful and being satisfied.

We hear stories all the time about people with wildly successful careers and personal lives that are worthy of a soap opera. They’ve confused being successful with being satisfied. Success is easily visible to the outside world, while satisfaction is harder for others to see. But it’s clear that if an individual is not feeling satisfied with his life, he could do some crazy things in a misguided attempt to feel better personally. “

Many people have success but aren’t satisfied.  This seems pretty clear in the cases of the former Governor and head of the IMF

  • People may have a fantastic career but an unhappy personal life.
  • They may live in a beautiful house but have problems sleeping because of very high debt.

There’s a gap between what they have and what they want.

One, or more of their three key life elements – career life, personal life or on the financial side – is throwing them off.

When we wrote The Plan , one of our goals was show people how to identify the gaps in their lives and then create a roadmap to a life that’s satisfying and full of richness.

There’s a straight forward way to create a life that will be much more rewarding on all levels. We’ve seen this approach work for people in virtually any situation. If these guys had taken the planning for their personal lives with the same seriousness as they did with their career planning, I think it’s likely that their stories would be remarkably different and with a whole lot less drama.

Here’s to your future!



150,000 showed up this weekend May 2, 2011

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This past weekend I was on a panel discussion at the LA Times Festival of Books.  

It was very encouraging to see that a “book fair” could bring about 150,000 people into downtown Los Angeles on one of the hottest days of the year.   Who’d have thought, in this day of ebooks and free online information about everything, (not to mention expensive gasoline @ $4.50 a gallon) that they’re would be this many folks prepared to make a trip to the campus of the University of Southern California, or USC, as it’s know around here.

Amazing and wonderful turnout.  The Times are to be congratulated for promoting this event, now in it’s 16 year I believe, and helping authors and readers come together in a well managed and very pretty environment.  The woman who headed it up for the newspaper, Maret Orliss, did an awesome job looking after everyone’s needs at once.

I was there, (supported, again, by beautiful wife Susan,) to participate in a panel discussion and book signing event for my new book, The Plan.  It came out in February and has been getting some good reviews across North America for being an easy to use and interesting book for anyone wanting to take control of their destiny.  I’m real pleased with how the momentum is growing.  My co-author, Canadian consultant and mentor Helen Latimer, put a lot of time into creating a “tool” as well as an interesting read.

The panel was called, Finding Life in Work.

Our moderator, Dennis Nishi, a writer himself, with articles in papers including The Wall Street Journal, had done his homework.  It was a treat to speak to someone who actually had read the book beforehand!  I was pleased that my belief that everyone should take advantage – and get  the benefits – from creating their own SWOT analysis, was widely embraced by the other panelists.

I know that many cities have book festivals.  Most people do not attend them and I’d guess it’s because they don’t think there will be much to interest them.  But having seen so many people of all ages actively engaged this past weekend, I’d encourage you to try it out.  You may learn something but even if you don’t, it’s a great way to connect with those in your city

Have a great week!


Spike TV had some odd questions for a career successs coach…. March 4, 2008

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John M McKee

Last week a team from the TV network Spike TV arrived at our office. They’d come to interview me for their top rated show Manswers.

A four person outfit, they moved quickly and soon set about changing around furniture, adjusting the bookcases’ “background” pieces such as pictures, certificates and yes, books; assembling lights of different sizes and intensities around the place, and doing sound checks. (“I’m picking up on the recording a bird chirping outside – can we do anything about the birds around here?”). Lighting was an issue and consequently the temperature increased significantly within about an hour of them arriving.

I learned that anything which is considered “art” needs is best left off-camera. This, because the original artist may not want their work shown without their approval. To ensure no mistakes are made, such “art” can include things like book covers – even the 2 books I’d written were covered-up; photographs including my family, and grad certificates from schools like Pepperdine University. So my bookcase will probably look like a wall of things misplaced or turned around. But no one will see their “art” displayed without permission.

When I’d been asked to appear on the show, the assistant producer had said they were coming to me because I am a “recognized expert on career and job success issues.” She told me they have a light and fun show, and that they use experts to provide some fact-based balance for their viewers. I gathered she must have seen me on other TV shows or perhaps on local radio; but who knows how these things come together?

Some of the questions I was asked for my segment:

  • what is a chicken sexer, and how much can they earn? (This is a person who determines the sex of baby chicks in chicken farms. If you’re a new chick, you don’t want to be a male by the way. They earn about $300 a week.)
  • what are some good jobs that most guys don’t consider? ( Here are a couple which I suggested: Gastroenterologist – earns up to $8k a week and most enjoy the work. Or a crime scene cleaner – it’s the kind of job which a guy who wants to work alone can appreciate. And make $1400 a week.)
  • how much does the average US employee make? (About $600 a week.)
  • Others included – are most people happy with their work? What are the best ways to get a job? How much can an arm wrestler make professionally. And a bunch more. (Tune-in and find out the answers. My episode will probably be on-air in a month or so.)

I enjoyed the team from Spike TV, and as a result I went onto their website and watched some old episodes. Definitely stuff aimed at youngish males on this show. But I did learn a few things about each one’s subject. I’ll let you be the judge – drop me a line when you see it.

looking forward…..