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Schwarzenegger and Strauss-Kahn behaving badly means something’s missing – and not just a zipper May 20, 2011

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The news lately is full of stories of powerful men acting out in ways that are at the very least highly inappropriate and in one case, possibly illegal.

I think people have the right to ask, “Why can’t men translate their career success into their personal and family lives?”

It’s a question that seems entirely fair and worth consideration nowadays.  It comes up frequently – in one way or another – in my work with women clients.  Although they may be a bit more graphic in their terminology when we talk about “boys behaving badly”.

Over the last couple of years I looked more deeply into this with the co-author of our recent book, The Plan, Helen Latimer.  We concluded that – to a great extent – it’s because there’s a huge difference between being successful and being satisfied.

We hear stories all the time about people with wildly successful careers and personal lives that are worthy of a soap opera. They’ve confused being successful with being satisfied. Success is easily visible to the outside world, while satisfaction is harder for others to see. But it’s clear that if an individual is not feeling satisfied with his life, he could do some crazy things in a misguided attempt to feel better personally. “

Many people have success but aren’t satisfied.  This seems pretty clear in the cases of the former Governor and head of the IMF

  • People may have a fantastic career but an unhappy personal life.
  • They may live in a beautiful house but have problems sleeping because of very high debt.

There’s a gap between what they have and what they want.

One, or more of their three key life elements – career life, personal life or on the financial side – is throwing them off.

When we wrote The Plan , one of our goals was show people how to identify the gaps in their lives and then create a roadmap to a life that’s satisfying and full of richness.

There’s a straight forward way to create a life that will be much more rewarding on all levels. We’ve seen this approach work for people in virtually any situation. If these guys had taken the planning for their personal lives with the same seriousness as they did with their career planning, I think it’s likely that their stories would be remarkably different and with a whole lot less drama.

Here’s to your future!



Her advice: Don’t bring it to bed! April 11, 2011

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Cate Hartenstein is one of those very unique people who seem to be in a continual state of learning.

Recently she joined me on my WomensRadio show Business Success Coaching to discuss her thoughts about The Plan, my new book co-authored with Helen Latimer.  You can listen to the 7 minute podcast by clicking  below. 

An artist and art educator, Cate uses visual art to assist individuals in overcoming the barriers and access to their creative potential.  Her process facilitates self insight using the information and metaphors available within the process and product of art making.

Currently working on her Master’s degree in Art Therapy and Marriage and Family Therapy at Notre Dame de Namur University, Cate sits on the board of Art Trek the Southern California based non-profit that provides art experiences to children, adolescents, adults, and teachers.

Married, she has 4 young adult children. Cate tells us that she’s dedicated helping her children to each develop a “plan” for their lives. (We loved that..)

And what about her advice, “don’t bring this to bed..”? Cate elaborated,”With my husband snoring beside me, and my Corgi at my feet, I simply couldn’t put the book down.  It’s that great!”

(I hope everyone feels the same way.)

For more information about Art Therapy visit their site.

This was a fun interview – listen here: The Plan: Not for Bed!

Stay on your yoga mat November 8, 2010

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Can you be competitive in a healthy way?  Yes, and in this item, business life coach John M McKee provides some insight into the best way to do it.


Fitness counts.

Yes, I know you’ve heard that one before.  Yet, most of us don’t spend much time or energy getting fit.

It makes us better at work and at play.  We live longer and better.

I’m always amazed at how little physical activity some people do – shortening their life and reducing their enjoyment while their here.

Do you do yoga?  If not, consider adding it to your repertoire.

It will give you a more quiet mind, better body, and improve your disposition.  And, if you’re the kind of person who needs a “real workout” , give Bikram Yoga, some consideration.  It’s a kickass approach to gaining Zen while toning up and improving cardio.

And it’s non competitive.

That’s important.

When one is competitive with others, (s)he’s less likely to be satisfied with all she has already.  Dis-Satisfaction is a big hassle – it wrecks your sleep, can make you envious, and cause unhappiness.

Yoga -in either the traditional forms or in the kickass form – is all about doing your best and learning to be satisfied with improving at your own pace.  I once heard an instructor give this great advice:

“If you’re going to get competitive, at least stay on your own yoga mat.”

Compete with yourself.

  • It causes self reflection & can create self satisfaction.
  • It reduces the liklihood you’ll get envy or jealous at the same time.

I suggest you use this little life lesson in all that you do. And then share it with those you care about.

Here’s to your future.  It’s what you make of your life….


Noodling about success August 6, 2010

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Do you have a plan for your life?  A written plan?  In this article, business life coach John M McKee makes the point that individuals – just like successful organizations – should have a plan for their life.


“Are you satisfied with life?”

I ask my new clients this question before we get started.

Thinking about your life as being made up of a career, a personal life and your financial situation – would you describe yourself as satisfied?

Most individuals tell me that they’re successful in one those, but not many tell me they’re satisfied overall.  (Which is kind of sad.)

I believe most answer that way because life really hasn’t turned out like they thought it would back when they were still in school.   At that point, they were certain that they had it all figured out.  They “knew” they’d do well.

But now they don’t feel as satisfied as they’d expected.

The reason, I’m convinced, is that most people don’t have a plan for their life.

“A plan?” many people say.

“I don’t need a plan to tell me if I’m as successful as I could be. I can see how things are.  And anyway, I’m doing everything I can already. Having a plan won’t make me more successful.”

I disagree. Studies show that when we set a clear goal or objective – for any aspect of our life – we’re more likely to perform better.

This is proven repeatedly: When tests are done with those who are learning a new skill or language, or trying to lose weight, or engaging in a new sport; they are always more likely to move forward & do it more quickly, when they have established goals and continually review their progress. We need a measurement that is objective.

And yet most people don’t do the same for their career plan, finances or personal lives.

If you don’t have a plan, you’re not giving yourself the best chance to improve your life.

Here’s to your future,


Try yoga as a career success tool September 23, 2009

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johncloseup-resized-for-veracity.jpgIf your career isn’t where you’d like, it may be because your mind and body are not functioning as well as possible.  This week, executive coach John M McKee shares a tip that works for many successful career pro’s.


When a new client joins Business Success Coach.net, we have a series of questions we ask at the outset.  I believe that the more I know about my client, the more likely I am able to help her or him quickly.

Because we use The Four Windows Process of coaching, our questions go beyond the ones which you may expect from a career or business coach.  Of course, we’re focused on  career success and aspirations.  As a part of that, though, we ask about exercise among other things.  Perhaps not surprisingly I hear that most people don’t have any regular fitness routine.

They’re making a big mistake.  I’ve learned over the years that those who keep their bodies in good shape as they age will often be more successful in other aspects of their lives including their careers.  But many times my new client will say  that they’re just “too busy” to look after their bodies.  Sound familiar?

If you’re in a similar place, I suggest you start looking after your entire situation – career, personal life, and financial success – by doing something smart and beneficial for yourself physically.  I recommend yoga.  Here’s why:

1. It addresses your whole body -not simply a particular part like the legs, behind, or arms.  Consequently, in a very short period of time, it helps you function better overall.  New levels of tamina can make a big difference.  Not carrying yesterday’s stress today long helps you get through the job demands more readily.

2. There’s a mental aspect to it. Most people who are into exercise will say the same thing about their sport or workput; and I’ve done enough other activity to realize their comment are valid.  Yoga, however, is geared around focusing on many different postures during the class time.  Consequently, it’s hard to NOT let go of the issues nagging you.  You “let go”.  When finished class, it’s not just your bod that is in better shape, your head is too.

3.  Desk workers, or those who are always traveling from place to place, develop certain postures out of habit. They may develop pots, sore necks, poor posture.  Ofthen they’ll lose upper body strength, become more prone to headaches or body aches.  That’s because of the amount of time they remain in the same position during most days.  For both women and men, it’s important to release this tension or else it will turn into something more damaging – perhaps life threatening.

I do Bikram Yoga.  It’s a form of hot yoga, meaning the studio is hot – like 105 degrees F.  The temperature takes a while to get used to; but once you’re accustomed to it, it really helps your body and your brain to respond more quickly to the instructions of the teacher and the various poses.

As a Wellnesss Adviser for Tempur-Pedic I have access to research on sleep done by the company.  Additionally, as a leadership coach, I hear from many clients about their lack of sleep due to job demands.  With that feedback feedback and empirical research, I have no doubt that, for many people, a lack of sleep is causing them to perform less effectively.  Yoga helps you to sleep better. It helps you physically and mentally.

Focusing on the movements of yoga will help you build physical strength and mental acuity.  Both make you better equipped to perform better on the job.

Give it a test.  There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


Stressing out? Try this. August 20, 2009

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tn_john-002.jpgToday, more than ever, people are feeling the effects of stress.  In this week’s VERACITY Blog, executive coach John M McKee discusses a free audio program which can help individuals get past their stress and move forward.


There are a lot of people stressed out – about a lot things – right now.

You’ve probably noticed.  May even be feeling the impact of stress yourself.

When we’re stressed, we function less effectively.  It’s harder to make decisions, and then we may second-guess ourselves.  It’s harder to fall asleep and stay asleep – this affects us during the day of course; often manifested by being more emotional than usual.  (“I never cry.  But I cried! What’s up with that?”)

There are a lot of reasons to feel stressed today and I’m not going to list them here.  You know what’s going on in your life.  But you may not be conscious of this fact: even if things are fine in your life, you may be impacted by stress simply be the news or hearing from others about increased difficulties they are experiencing.  This is particularly so for individuals who have a strong sense of empathy; which usually translates to women more than men.

If you’re feeling more stressed than usual, you should  check out this free audio program currently offered by Business Success Coach.net.  Recorded by a Canadian medical doctor whom I regard as one of the finest experts in this field, Dr. Alan Banack, it’s been used successfully by patients and individuals for over 20 years.

A similar audio tape of his helped me to quit smoking back in 1988. Quite simply – these work.

Each of us get stressed out at different times.  Usually we can manage it and it goes away on its own.  But sometimes it doesn’t.  It kind of grabs onto us and doesn’t let go.  Then we see our performance drop.  We may feel tired or lack energy.  We become less than we were on many fronts.  This audio will help you overcome it.

If you’re not sure that something you download for free can actually help you: then I urge you to test it out.

Dr Alan Banack, has been practicing for nearly 30 years.  He has patients throughout North America who have benefited from his psycho therapy and leading edge approach to reducing or eliminating the effects of stress.   You should try this free program.  Let me know how it worked for you.

It’s available our organization’s website at Business Success Coach.net.  Listen the my interview with Dr Banack beforehand too.

Here’s to your future!